Monday, January 31, 2005


Is German for "The Railroad Life Insurance Business"
I don't even want to laugh.
And they are telling US about isness?.
"Arbeit Mach Frei."
Makes me want to lay down and die.
In fact, none of them exterminatin' languages
Has any reason for Being.
Which eliminates most all.
Startin' with the Indo European.
We gotta pick, we gotta, one language to die in.
Maybe Navajo? I choose Hawaian.
Komoniwannalayyou. Ilakalittlenookie.
I might even pay you. I think we could speak Wookie.
Oh, what is that sound I hear of Being and Becoming?
It's only the soldiers dear, the soldiers coming.

The Poet Goethe

The poet Goethe was well hung
He didn't need no Weltanschaung.
Didn't need it since er war ein Kind
Dreaming the far Tamarind.
Or dreaming on the skull of Schiller
Seeming to compose a thriller.
"More light," he cried on his death bed.
"More light is what I need," he said.

Uncle Joe Ignores Hegel

Onto said to Theo
"You just have to believe, oh.
"Theo said to Onto"
Get out of here pronto.
"And my Uncle Joe took a sailor to his room!
Boom a lay Boom a lay Boom a lay Boom!

Onto said "Heidegger."
Theo said "Quite meagre."
And my Uncle Joe took a sailor to his room!
Boom a lay Boom a lay Boom a lay Boom!


I love making up them fake German words
Though real.
Still the word "Selbstkunst" has a certain Teuton appeal.
Like what you would apply to a guy like Eminem
Denied access to the Eternal Feminine
And stuck with the usual ranting
Like Hegeling or Kanting.
Selbstkunst Selbstkunst everywhere
Fair is foul and foul is fair.

Scottish Philosophy

There was a young man from Carlyle
Who was magnificently ept at denial
When leaking his Being
He said I'm just peeing
And offered to all a sad smile.


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