Thursday, August 11, 2016

Outta Here

I wait beneath the willow.

So many young people.

The young men with their young women dancing.

Fireflies and a moon above.

Screw them all.

Lawn party..why am I here?

I need another martini.

I would go but my wife took my keys.


The Stars The Stars


All the night the moon shone

The stars burned in the golden sky,

I watch "Gilligan's Island"

On an old black and white TV.

I pass the window to get another drink

Thinking of the Professor.

There is no other life.


All the Holy Night


The immensity of the universe!

Reading the New Yorker

A nice New Yorker cartoon.

Skipping the shitty poems.

My Martini is so cold.

Look there's a cartoon I missed!


Something to Count On


The moon is like a gypsy playing a yellow guitar.

A martini is just a martini.

Every damn time.


The Plum Wine of the Buddha


The Plum Wine of the Buddha

Cannot properly be called a cocktail.


In Martini Veritas


After five martinis

Soft jazz

Still sounds like shit.


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