Thursday, August 11, 2016

 These poems have appeared in the following journals:

Fulcrum 2 (2003, Cambridge, MA.) “What of it?” “Point Lobos 1944,” “Just Spring with Chaucer and Some Shriners.”  “Old Father,”  “Dinosaur Love,” “At the Hospital,”  Fulcrum 3 (2004, Cambridge, MA.) “ Late for a Poetry Reading,” “The Defiant Ones,” “Francis of the City of St. Francis,” ‘The Diamond at the End of Time,” “The Red Light Is The Blue Light Is,” Fulcrum 4 (2005, Cambridge, MA.) “The Rain,  “Ok, Then…So We Were in Fredonia,”  “Trio,” Fulcrum 5 (2006, Cambridge, MA)  “The Ballad of Little Noddy,” “Incident on 52nd Street,” “Last Night,” “I Think Continually of Those Who Are Truly Late,”  “Canarios – Or the Escape of D.B. Cooper,” “Jim Moore,” “My Demented Mother,”  Fulcrum 6 (2007, Cambridge, MA.)  “Sonnet—The Sense of an Ending,” “Dreamland,” “The Iliad of Joe Green.” “In 1953,” “I Love Them Old Hippies,”  “Warrensville 2,” “Warrensville 3,”  “In the Blue Note,”  “Negative Capability,” “A Ballade,” “In Loneliest Country,”  Fulcrum 7 (2008, Cambridge, MA.) “I Look Out and I Hear the Knell,” “The Ballad of Steve,” “My Father in the Store Commanding Buy.” “Oh, Donna,” “The Ballad of Susie Lamont,” “The Ballad of Ernie White,”  Rattapallax No. 12 (New York, NY) “A Lone Ranger Christmas,” “Luftmensch”

Poems have also appeared in “The Diamond at the End of Time,”   Joe Green 2006, Owl Oak Press, Carmel Valley, CA., “The Dark Bark: Poetry and Songs of Rin Tin Tin Joe Green, Rin Tin Tin, 2006, Owl Oak Press, Carmel Valley, CA., “The Limerick Homer,” Joe Green, Tim Smith, 2008, Owl Oak Press, Carmel Valley, CA.


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