Friday, August 12, 2016

“I love Joe Green’s poetry very much, because it makes me laugh,

and because it is sad, and because he is a master of its form and its

forms.” —Silke-Maria Weineck, Chair of the Department of

Comparative Literature, University of Michigan

“I have known the poetry of Joe Green for more than a decade, since

the early days of Fulcrum. And I say, with the fiercest of convictions,

that Joe Green is not only one of the tiniest number of poets in our

time who are authentic and really matter, but that he is one of the very

few contemporary poets who have meant the most to me. Humble

to a fault in promoting his own work, this long-needed Selected

Poems should finally put Joe on the map where he belongs—as a

master of craft and invention, a purveyor of tradition and sensibility

and right wonder, an influence upon countless younger poets, and

one of our own very few real contemporary classics. May this book

flourish widely among poetry lovers everywhere. It is certainly high

time.” —Ben Mazer

“Is there a single contemporary poet who can match Joe Green

for comic invention? His poems have more in common with the

wide-ranging madness of Voltaire’s Candide or Nathanael West’s
Miss Lonelyhearts than anything on your poetry shelves. And like

those masterpieces of dark comedy, Green’s poems have a core that

is humane and generous, reading him as restorative as spending

time in the sun.” —John Hennessy (author of two collections,


Coney Island Pilgrims (2013, Ashland Poetry Press) and Bridge
and Tunnel (2007, Turning Point Books). He teaches at the

University of Massachusetts and serves as poetry editor for The

“Joe Green’s poems have lit up journals such as Fulcrum for many

years, with their surprising turns—alternately allusive, absurd, and

personally moving—but always the poems you turn to first because

of the pleasure they deliver.” —David Latane (Professor of

English, Virginia Commonwealth University)
I dreamed I saw Joe Green last night

Alive as he could be

That’s not just any Selected Poems

It’s THE Sixties Anthology

Here are the lyrical ballads from the Apocalypse we call the Sixties

A definitive mythology of the Sixties

And then some ... —Mark Schoor (Executive Director of the

Robert Frost Foundation)


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